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If you want to be truly intimidating,

If you want to make an impact,

If you want to have strong connections with others

just be sincere.

Sarcasm is not an attitude, and it’s not a personality trait. It’s a style of rhetoric meant to be used occasionally to highlight a larger point. Saying you’re a sarcastic person is like saying your favorite cuisine is salt. Sarcasm is easy because you never have to take a stance. And that’s just the problem; It’s so noncommittal.

When you see someone you’d like to have a conversation with, here’s how you really make your impression felt. I promise you’ll be remembered for it: “hello.” I don’t know when the lines got crossed and it was deemed attractive to be ambiguous and critical. Girls don’t like it when guys do it and guys don’t like it when girls do it. I live in a city of cool people with the absolute worst PR representatives: themselves.

Be yourself, even if that means being unsure or uneasy. Let someone else put you at ease. Meet them in the middle. Be sincere.

Americans really love their sincerity. All my time in the US has made me pick up saying “you’re welcome” and “thank you very much” and meaning it, and back here everyone thinks I’m snarking. My vast generalizations and reductions are that in England I have to say “and I mean that” to clarify intention and in the US I have to say “just kidding”.

Why is there a higher value placed on positive politeness in the US? (which I find lovely btw, and I mean that). Is it because its more of an immigrant, multi-cultural society and the potential for misunderstanding in humour (and thus offence) has been greater?

I can only speak for England, but back here, if I want a smile, I better follow up that helpfully suggested “hello” with a dry remark about the weather/traffic (and not how much I love springtime/their shoes/baseball, like I might over the pond), or I’ll be looked at VERY weirdly. And it has always been like that. In the end I don’t think it’s a question of criticism/ambiguity but of what is the most affiliative. My personality lies somewhere in the middle, so personally I like both. But sarcasm is certainly not “meant to be used occasionally” here, its used almost immediately on everyone we meet to form that rapport. It’s like the kettle: always on, whistling in the corner of our daily interactions. In America it’s more like a nice teapot, something to be used on special occasions (like when resolving personal issues without using guns, lawyers or therapists. just kidding.) But I don’t agree with John saying one way is more meant to be than the other. It’s just different, and as I said, I like both. No value judgements need to be made and we don’t need anyone telling anyone else what to do. /shade

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