kate XXII. lost. hp. lotr. game of thrones. orphan black. oitnb. also fifth harmony idk how don't ask.

but basically a multi-fandom mess you've been warned.

Lost Rewatch: Season 1 + pilot (part i)


girls don’t want boys, girls want dragon age: inquisition and mass effect 4


Every WOSO fan, In fact every fan of soccer in general should go watch this mini documentary on women’s football in brazil. As the world cup approaches, women see themselves used as sexual objects to promote the mens game and when they want to actually play, they are teased, ostracized and sometimes even threatened. For those men who have ridiculed the women’s game or fed into sexist stereotypes in football, listen, learn, do better. Fighting Brazil’s Sexist Football Culture. 


The king is dead, long live the q u e e n!

Dinah bullying her kids

you once told me that it’s a hard world, and that we don’t get many chances to tell people how much they mean to us. there’s no one a mord sith should hate more than a confessor. i was trained to hate you…but I don’t.

It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be.